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Dauphin County RACES ( Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service)

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April 2018 meeting

Where:      Hoss’s in Hummelstown

When:       Thursday, April 19
Food     – 6 PM
Meeting – 7 PM

Agenda:      2018-Apr-19_CPRA_Agenda

Program:    Bring your DMR questions.

Has anyone used Talk Group 31420 ‘PEMA ACS’ on Brandmeister?

Anytone Dual Band handheld can be programmed with FM radio stations to listen to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) network. Full-time or with priority to VHF & UHF

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SILENT KEY                                                     It is with Sadness:                                                 SILENT KEY

Leroy S. Ash K3JJK (1936 – 2018)

Leroy S. Ash (K3JJK), 81, of Harrisburg, PA, passed away on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at his residence.
He was born on September 17, 1936, to the late Robert and Georgia Ash, in Reading, PA.

Leroy was a member of various firemen’s associations, including the State of PA, Berks County, and the Colonial Park Fire Company.

He was the past local president of CWA- Communication Workers of America, and past president of the Seagull Beach Club, in Cocoa Beach, FL.

He was an amateur radio operator, callsign K3JJK, for 50 plus years. He also was a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Club, the American Radio Relay League, and the Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association.

Leroy is survived by his loving wife of 13 years, Joyce Ash;

his daughters, Arletta Molnar, of Dillsburg, PA, and Tawnia Ash, of Harrisburg;
his sons, Robert Ohse, of Granby, CT, and Terry Ash (with wife Debra) KA3ECQ , of Harrisburg, PA;
step-son, Joel Waltz, of Harrisburg, PA;

sisters, Tina Doerrman, of Reading, PA, and Joanne Portner (with husband Roger), of NJ.
He is also survived by sisters-in-law Donna Eyer, Teresa Farlow (with husband Troy);

nieces Saundra Siering, Sherry Lemon, Chandra Farlow;
nephew Dean Farlow and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

There will be a committal service at the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, at 2:30pm. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation, Inc., 813 S Baltimore St, Dillsburg, PA 17019, or: www.helenkrause.org.

The arrangements for the Ash family are entrusted to Jesse H. Geigle Funeral Home. For online condolences: www.BitnerCares.com.


An employee of AT&T for over 30 years, in that time he worked on the Texas tower project,

Worked at Camp Hero on Long Island and maintained communication at the Commons during the TMI incident.

He suffered with heart disease for the past four years. In the past week he went downhill and was under Hospice care.
Married to his first wife Mary Lou Weiss for 12 years.

Silent Key Memorial
My Chair is sitting empty,
My call’s no longer heard
My radio rests quietly.
From it comes no words.
On my shack door is a message.
That reads “From Me to Thee”
My frequency’s much higher now.
I’ve become a Silent Key.

Author: Judy Hudson, KC9CCJ


Dauphin County

What is EMCOM?

    Many of us understand it when we say EMCOM, but do we appreciate it and we feel that we can be an essential part of an emergency response.  For those that do not recognize the word EMCOM, it is exactly what you may think it is “EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS”.  But that is just two words, what it is to the Amateur Radio community is also called RACES or to the local governments, Auxiliary Communication Services (ACS).

   As a HAM, we think that if there is an emergency, some HAMs may think that we can just respond to the call for assistance.  While that may have a certain small level of truth, since Sept 11, 2001, life in emergency response has been changing.   As a HAM in an EOC, we are known as the ACS operator.  When we are supporting a local government with our radios, we are a part of the Logistics Section Services Branch Communications Unit in the Incident Command System (ICS).  Who do we communicate with in a major emergency?  When working in the EOC, you pass messages to and from the assigned person in the Logistics section.

  In the last few activations of the Dauphin County EOC that I have been involved with, we were called upon several times when all else failed.   In some cases we assisted in coordinating emergency services to the Red Cross Shelter for a possible heart attack, set up temporary communications to a flooded EOC,  and in some cases, it was easier for the communication to come through the ACS operators than the other communications(phones all busy).

  We still have an active role in an emergency.  However, those interested need to be identified in advance of a need.   We need the names of people that are willing to stand up and help your community during an emergency.   Local HAMs (those in their township) typically are put on a call list for each local EOC.   Additionally, those folks are on the master list that can be called in by the HAM responsible for the county EMCOMM coordination for other areas.   The list that we currently have is over 10 years old.   We need new HAMS and need to validate those on the list.  If you are interested, please contact Richard Lenker at   call or email 717-554-5115   KB3YRC@Comcast.net .    ( Rick Taylor)


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MUF‘-Maximum Useable Frequency at Boulder CO USA – one of ten locations measured around the world

Understanding Propagation Display