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RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service)
HEARS (Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service)

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January 2020 meeting 
Where:      Hoss’s in Hummelstown
When:       Thursday, Jan 16, 2020
Food     – 6 PM
Meeting – 7 PM 

2020 Jan 16 CPRA CPIN Agenda Public

Using a color printer, please print the following and please bring to the meeting for review.
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January 2020 CPRA CPIN DMR Newsletter

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CPRA net – Sunday, 9 PM every week on Local 2 on every DMR repeater except Brandmeister sites.

What it takes to be an amateur radio operator December 2019
By Richard E. Lenker KB3YRC

Would you like to try your hand at talking on an amateur radio, listening, or speaking with an individual, either locally or across the country or around the world? If so, plan to attend one of the many amateur club events held here in central Pennsylvania.

To start out, get involved and meet an amateur radio friends, you can attend a club meeting. There are two local clubs events scheduled:

January 15th The Harrisburg Amateur Radio Club meets at HACC Harrisburg’s campus in the Public Safety Building room 210. Off Industrial Road gate 5. The educational session starts at 6:30 PM, and the club meeting starts at 7 PM till 8:30 PM. See the web site for details w3uu.org.

January 16th The Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association meets at Hoss’s in Hummelstown. Come and eat with the group at 6-7 PM, and the meeting starts at 7 PM – 9 PM. Please view the web site for details at w3nd.org

What do I need? A radio Technician operator’s License. Don’t have one we can help you. Study guides are available in print, online and CD or DVD, classes are available in the area. Free testing is once a month at HACC. Register at the web site at w3uu.org 

Later a radio! You will eventually need an amateur radio, but the radio can be inexpensive. A portable handheld radio can be purchased from $ 40.00 to $150.00. You can also buy used equipment or purchase new equipment in order to get started.

What do I get for being an operator? You will meet new friends, either locally, national, or internationally. The pride of help others in communication link in emergencies. And if you’re lucky, talk to the international Space station with that portable radio and a handheld antenna.

What can I do? You can participate in Skywarn weather events, Field day drills, help with marathons 5K runs, participate at the event site, or from the comfort of your own home.  Come out and visit and shake my hand, I’ll be glad to see you. Check out the web sites or e-mail me Richard at KB3YRC@Comcast.net or Phone 717-236-1864

CPRA net – Sunday, 9 PM every week on Local 2 on every DMR repeater except Brandmeister sites.

Looking for a Net Control Operator,
for a DMR local eight county net on Sunday nights at 9 PM.
Please contact Gary WA3CPO if you can help.

Local Amateur Radio Classes & License Testing Schedule

Service Opportunities

PEMA ACS: https://www.pemaauxcom.org/   <<<— New website that will have the most up-to-date Information

SERVPA  – State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Pennsylvania
Sign up as a Amateur Radio volunteer at the state and or your county level

What is EMCOMM?

Dauphin County

contact Richard Lenker —  call or email — 717-554-5115   KB3YRC@Comcast.net

Harrisburg Area SKYWARN

Your invited to participate in the Harrisburg Area Skywarn Net on the 145.11   pl 131.8
Wednesday nights 9 PM
And any time severe weather breaks out.
The group has grown to six counties. Join us, see what’s going on in weather.

Please send your e-mail address to KB3YRC@comcast.net for weather bulletins and events the list will not be shared with anyone.


>>> NWS_Current Local Level Weather Briefing for Central PA <<<

ARRL Eastern Pennsylvania Section

ARRL Western Pennsylvania Section

ARRL & Served Agencies/Partners MOUs (Memorandum Of Understanding)



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>>> Membership Dues for 2019 are overdue <<<

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4335 Rodkey Rd
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Membership Application:           2019 Dues Letter multiyear PDF


The By-Laws were_APPROVED_at the March 21, 2019 meeting.

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John T. (Tim) Shingara – WB3EYB – Jan 25, 1949 – May 1, 2019