We serve Dauphin County RACES ( Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and HEARS ( Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service )

Next CPRA/CPIN Meeting September 21

CPRA/CPIN Newsletter for July 2017

It cost money and volunteer labor to support CPRA and CPIN.  Many of you have been enjoying the benefits of both organizations without providing a financial contribution or volunteering labor. If you have the means and are able to contribute I would suggest becoming a dues paying member of CPRA. CPIN has no dues but will accept contributions. The dues are just $20 a year for CPRA.  Please send your check to:


c/o Terrance Ash KA3ECQ

4335 Rodkey Rd

Harrisburg, PA, 17110


This past Saturday CPRA spent $500 for tower work at Blue Mountain. A defective four bay VHF antenna was removed and a new four bay antenna was installed.  This is allowing the VHF DMR repeater to utilize the highest location on the tower.  The support arm below this antenna was reconfigured so that it has the proper offset.  All the antennas on the tower were tested by an antenna analyzer and SWR meter.  All are working properly.   They should continue to operate within specifications for years to come. We have three four bay VHF antennas, one VHF ground plane, and two UHF collinear antennas. The new $1000 antenna was made possible by a contribution from one of our members and the tower work was paid with dues income.

The primary business internet gateway has a new modem from Comcast. It is capable of speeds up to 800 Mbps.  Not that we will need that much speed but it has reserve.  It is very likely that Comcast will continue to increase speeds without increasing the cost over the next few years.  We are ready. I was concerned that the gateway would have a new IP address but that didn’t happen.  We still have the same IP address.  Those of you using access from the public internet will have no change to the required address.

A new access point has been installed in the Training Room in the Public Safety Building for Cumberland County.  Previous access points just were not robust enough to handle the traffic.  Consultation was obtained via Commonwealth Media Systems as what is the best course of action.  It was recommended to use an access point designed for outdoor use inside the building. They handle temperature extremes well.  This device is dual band and searches for the best channel. It comes with software to remotely supervise the device. The SSID is: ACS(RACES).    The Password is:  “cceoccpin”  This access point connects to the internet and all features available on CPIN.   That includes: VoIP telephone, FAX, Cameras, remote control of transmitters, distant internet, and other added features.

Four-hundred feet of CAT6 cable was recently installed at Blue Mountain using commercial hangers.  The connectors are very difficult to install. Cable specs:

CAT5                                    CAT6

Outdoor shielded                Outdoor shielded (double) (both resists UV)

Not gel filled                         Gel Filled (prevents moisture intrusion)

24 AWG                                 23  AWG

Solid or stranded                 Solid Bare Copper

Varies                                     Direct Burial Rated (CMX)

Tested to 400 Mhz               Tested over 1000 Mhz (6a to 10,000 Mhz)



Several sites in Lebanon County are being added to the network with AC equipment



Five additional cameras are ready for installation.  The VHF DMR repeater is waiting for frequency coordination with the ARCC. All the necessary equipment has been made available.  A new WIFI Access Point  will be added.


Pa MOTUS Wildlife tracking has requested our assistance.  They install small transmitters on birds and track them as they migrate. Their goal in Pennsylvania is to have receive locations on a line from Philadelphia to Erie.  In our area they are looking at Waggoner’s Gap, Lam’s Gap, and north of Lebanon on Blue Mountain.  Indiantown Gap is providing coverage between Lam’s Gap and north of Lebanon.  They are using a mixture of grant money and donations to fulfill their project. They would prefer to have an internet connection for real time reporting rather than replacing an SD card with the data periodically.  Their data requirements are low.  This is another non-profit riding on the network.  We already support the rail fans in central Pa and Flight Radar 24. www.motus.org  www.sensorgnome.org


Feelers are out to four possible sources for deep cycle Twelve (12) volt DC, 90 amp hour batteries.  These are ideal to operate your base station if you should lose your primary electric service provider. They are heavy but will last many years. Please respond if you are interested.


At 22:09 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 13, 2017 the NCCIC/NCC was informed via Space Weather Reporting of a huge sunspot AR2665 that finally erupted producing a powerful and long-lasting M2-class solar flare.  The explosion was underway for more than two hours and hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. Geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras are likely when the CME arrives this weekend. 


Ten (10) foot fiberglass Polar mount Prodelin Dish recently taken out of service.  The segments have been unbolted. It is complete with a motor actuator, analog & digital receivers. 717-574-0425

ATV transmitters three (3) 20 watt on 3480 Mhz, with time base corrector to strip sync, then insert new color burst, sync pulse, and adjust analog video levels. Audio subcarrier included. Rack mount.  Designed and tested for continuous duty. Over ten (10) Scientific Atlanta receivers, LNBs, & dishes. This is your chance to get on ATV. Best offer.  717-574-0425

Next CPRA/CPIN Meeting September 21

Good Evening,

The 2017 CPRA dues are due in April.   Attached is the sheet to update your information.  Still a deal, no price increase.

The dues can be sent to:


c/o Terrance Ash KA3ECQ

4335 Rodkey Rd

Harrisburg, PA, 17110



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