We serve Dauphin County RACES ( Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and HEARS ( Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service )

The Next CPRA & CPIN Meeting will be held on Thursday, Jan 19 at 7:00 PM at The Wharf in Harrisburg.
Come early at 6 PM for food & drink. Further developments in DMR will be reviewed.
IRLP: Please use your call sign when making a connection on IRLP.  Please take the link down when you are finished. Some nets are being left connected long after they closed.  The coax for the 145.29 antenna was attached to the tower by others.  It came loose from its moorings and has been securely attached to the tower.
Disaster Public Phone Service: The connection to our private microwave phone system is currently via a VoIP service.  This has been selected primarily because of the reduced cost. But in the event of a disaster it relies on the internet to connect to the public phone system. We are exploring using a copper phone line that doesn’t have that limitation if the price is right.
717-489-2035 then enter extension number.  If not known spell the name of the extension. For example call letters. The system will tell you the numeric extension numbers.  The phone server failed on 12/23/16 for unknown reasons. It was replaced that day. A post-mortem evaluation should be available at the time of the next meeting.  One possible reason for the failure could be unfriendly access via the internet.  That portal has been discontinued. The only access is via the microwave system. Our gateways are setup the same way.  There is no access to the inner workings of the gateways via the public internet. An automatic backup failover phone server is being built.