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President Message November 2014

Randy Ballard has moved back home near the New York border. Randy has the special IT skills that are necessary to operate the IP network. He has setup a framework to follow. He will continue to be in contact via a VPN. We are grateful for his contribution.

Blue Mountain has several projects that have not been completed.
Removal of the abandoned metal building in front the equipment shelter.
Improvement of the electrical service in the equipment shelter
Replace a defective antenna for 147.375
Build a 5 GHz connection north to Newport & E-ville

Reesers Summithas several antennas that need mounted. The self-supporting tower has more lateral movement than expected for its size. Further investigation is warranted.

Lamb’s Gap is reactivated. The top half of this older non-standard tower collapsed during high winds. A two bay VHF and a four bay UHF antenna were mounted on the southern leg of the tower. A two foot 5 GHz dish facing the Cumberland County EOC was mounted on the west leg and a 90 degree sector 5 GHz antenna was mounted on the east leg facing in the southeast direction. All the 5 GHz equipment is operational. The UHF repeater will be online soon. It had been stored in the building and it will need a preventive maintenance evaluation. This location has been under the umbrella of the SMRA. CPRA may provide an interconnection to other UHF repeaters in the area.

The CPIN video server may be reached over the public network using the following: Username: cpin Password: cpin

The Lancaster County EOC has joined CPIN. They have a computer dedicated for this purpose and a fax/printer. The telephone adapter provides two lines: analog phone service and fax service. The signal levels are solid with maximum throughput using their onsite monopole. Lancaster County, Cumberland County, and PEMA headquarters are now connected full time.

CPIN was extended to Reading at Mt Penn. Dan Rapak was instrumental in making this a reality. It is a 15 mile path with solid signal levels.

The link from Red Lion to Gambrill Mountain is now operational. This is a 54 mile path with complete line-of-sight. This path is too long but it is a start. This will connect CPIN in Pennsylvania to the Maryland systems. Gambrill Mountain is just south of Site R.

Phil Thesis, K3TUF, is connecting to CPIN via a dedicated trunk from Eagles Peak to a tower at his house on the Ephrata Mountain. This will be a solid connection with maximum throughput.

The connection to W3HZU has been delayed by equipment changes on the White Rock tower.

The Red Lion club has been very patient. New frequencies have just been made available and will make that connection easier.

Improper usage of the repeaters in the area has not been a problem lately. Thank you for all who helped bring about positive change.

We have been catching up for several years. It is time to discuss new ideas and projects.
If you have ideas that would be a good fit for the club, please come to the next meeting.

Gary Blacksmith, WA3CPO
President CPRA, Inc