By   April 11, 2014

Good Evening everyone,

The meeting will NOT be held at the Wharf this time.

 We will be at the PeachTree restaurant April 17th.  If you want food, the reservation is set for 6 PM.  The meeting starts at 7 PM.  The PeachTree is located at 251 North Progress Ave in Harrisburg, Pa.  If you are on I-81, take the Progress Ave exit and head south (away from the mountains).  It will be on your left about a mile down the road in sort of a strip mall type building (warning, I did not measure the distance from 81 to the restaurant).

 We will be asking for nominations for officers during the meeting.  The discussion topics will be current frequency and design of cellular equipment and new software for remote operation of repeaters over the network.

Later this month, we will be sending out dues notice and voting ballots. Some have already paid in the last few months and I will note those that are paid through the end of 2015.

 Thank you,

 Terrance L Ash, BS EET, USAF (ret), KA3ECQ