DMR Code Plugs & Other Resources

Link to get a required DMR ID#                         DMR ID Database Search                       DMR Guide by K4USD

New site for DMR ID registration & searches. No longer on DMR-MARC

Various DMR Networks

Interstate Network                                              Control Center Interstate Network

K4USD Network                                                 Control Center K4USD Network

NY-NJ-PA -TRBO Network                                 Control Center NJ-TRBO

Digital Communications Interconnect                 Control Center DCI

MotoDMR                                                            Control Center MotoDMR

NY Metro Network                                               Control Center Bronx-TRBO

New England Dig Emerg Comm Network           Control Center NewEng-TRBO

ChicagoLand                                                       Control Center ChicagoLand


Brandmeister Network – User Dashboard           Brandmeister Talkgroup List

.                           Brandmeister HoseLine – Live audio  – Hoseline Explore Talkgroups

Harrisburg DMR Website  


PEMA ACS – Talkgroup 31420 [Brandmeister] Timeslot 2

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager

DMR Contact Manager is a custom-designed software package designed for use with Connect Systems CS700/CS701/CS750/CS800/CS801/CS800D radios, as well as the Tytera MD-380/390/390GPS, TYT MD2017/MD9600, AnyTone AT-D868UV and AT-D858, Retevis RT3, and similar radios that use the RDT/RDB file formats. These units are MOTOTRBO-compatible DMR mobile radios suitable for both commercial and amateur radio applications.

Code Plugs


CodePlug_AT-D868UV_SCPA_WA3CPO-v.31_2018-08-29   from GARY BLACKSMITH

CodePlug_AT-D868UV_SCPA_WA3CPO-v.29_2018-06-04   from GARY BLACKSMITH

All the EAS FM stations in South Central Pa have been added to the FM section.

NOAA weather stations (all seven) have been added to a new ZONE.


DMR Simplex Frequencies

Admit Criteria: Set to ‘Always

In Call Criteria: Set to ‘Always‘ or ‘TXI

Frequency    Band    Talkgroup    Timeslot    ColorCode

441.0000      UHF          99                 1                1

446.5000      UHF          99                 1                1

446.0750      UHF          99                 1                1

433.4500      UHF          99                 1                1

145.7900      VHF          99                 1                1

145.5100      VHF          99                 1                1