DMR – Resources & Code Plugs

Link to get a required DMR ID#                            DMR ID Database Search

New site for DMR ID registration & searches. No longer on DMR-MARC

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR – John S. Burningham, W2XAB, October 2014

DMR Tutorial – John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU

DMR Contacts ID Management – Multiple Radios

Harrisburg DMR Website                            PA

Various DMR Networks

Interstate Network                                              Control Center Interstate Network

Coverage maps for PA repeaters in Interstate Network

K4USD Network                                                 Control Center K4USD Network

NY-NJ-PA -TRBO Network                                 Control Center NJ-TRBO

Digital Communications Interconnect                 Control Center DCI

MotoDMR                                                            Control Center MotoDMR

NY Metro Network                                               Control Center Bronx-TRBO

New England Dig Emerg Comm Network           Control Center NewEng-TRBO

ChicagoLand                                                       Control Center ChicagoLand

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Brandmeister Network – User Dashboard 

Brandmeister Talkgroup List

.             Brandmeister HoseLine –  Live audio   – Hoseline Explore Talkgroups  – 3142 – PA Statewide Audio – PEMA and EmComm – 31421 – PA TAC – 31422 – Western PA – 314223 -Tioga County ARC – 31423 – North Central PA – 31424 – North East PA – 31425 – PA Cross-mode – 31426 – ARRL EPA Section – 31427 – Tri-County – 314270 – Cambria County – 310220 – Westmoreland County – 31428 – RF-IT – 31429 – Zednet



PEMA ACS – Talkgroup 31420 [Brandmeister] Timeslot 1 or 2


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Watch “How to update the firmware of the AnyTone AT-D868UV” on YouTube


Code Plugs

If you wish to share your code plug, for any radio brand, contact the webmaster, link at bottom of any page.


from GARY BLACKSMITH – Code Plug Description

CodePlug_AT-D868UV_-_WN3NIU_v235_2019-10-04  by George Peters

A growing repository of Codeplugs stored at Bridgecom Systems

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Software / Tools

Bridgecom Systems Support Pages – Anytone – DVmega / Pi Star & more…

Connect Systems – Anytone D868UV   – Software – CPS/firmware
         Dual Band Handheld

Connect Systems – Anytone D878UVII – Software – CPS/firmware
         Dual Band Handheld

Connect Systems – Anytone D578UV – Software – CPS/firmware
         Dual Band Mobile

Connect Systems – Anytone D578UV PLUS – Software – CPS/firmware
         Tri-Band Mobile

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager

DMR Contact Manager is a custom-designed software package designed for use with Connect Systems CS700/CS701/CS750/CS800/CS801/CS800D radios, as well as the Tytera MD-380/390/390GPS, TYT MD2017/MD9600, AnyTone AT-D868UV and AT-D858, Retevis RT3, and similar radios that use the RDT/RDB file formats. These units are MOTOTRBO-compatible DMR mobile radios suitable for both commercial and amateur radio applications.

G6AMU Codeplug Editor

TYT/Retevis/Baofeng DMR codeplug editor by Cathy, G6AMU, which is available with the authors’ agreement. With it, you can open multiple codeplugs and copy between them, load firmware, load the user database as well as easily edit and move things around in a more logical fashion than the standard CPS. With the latest update it looks good as well!

The following radios are supported: – MD380, MD390, UV380, UV390, MD9600, MD2017 & DM-1701


This codeplug editor by Dale Farnsworth supports the Tytera MD-380, MD-390, MD-2017, MD-UV380, MD-UV390, and MD-2017, the Alinco DJ-MD40, the Retevis RT3, RT3-G, RT3S, and RT82 radios.

MD380 USB Tools  by Travis Goodspeed, KK4VCZ

The patched firmware is known to work on the following devices:

  • The “D”-Version (NoGPS) for radios without GPS
    • Tytera/TYT MD380
    • Tytera/TYT MD390
    • Retevis RT3
  • The “S”-Version (GPS) for radios with GPS
    • Tytera/TYT MD380
    • Tytera/TYT MD390
    • Retevis RT8

Both types of vocoder (old and new vocoder radios) are supported.

The DMR MARC user’s database required a 16 MByte SPI Flash memory chip. In some VHF Radios is only an 1 MByte SPI Flash installed.

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DMR Simplex Frequencies

Admit Criteria: Set to ‘Always

In Call Criteria: Set to ‘Always‘ or ‘TXI

Frequency    Band    Talkgroup    Timeslot    ColorCode

441.0000      UHF          99                 1                1

446.5000      UHF          99                 1                1

446.0750      UHF          99                 1                1

433.4500      UHF          99                 1                1

145.7900      VHF          99                 1                1

145.5100      VHF          99                 1                1

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