Marine Corp Marathon

 It is time to sign up as a ham to support the 46th Marine Corp Marathon on Oct 31, 2021.

Ok..  The 46th MCM is still on as of Thursday morning.  What we know do far:

  • 14,000 runners
  • No 10K run
  • Course is the same as 2019.
  • With the exception of Med Bravo, all of the aid stations, water point, food stops are in the same location as 2019.
  • Check in will be at the site on Army-Navy drive as it has been for the last several years.
  • Masks will be required.
  • The all-hands training will be held on Oct 16th
  • All-hands training location to be determined.  It may be virtual or a combination of on-site and virtual.
  • We are working on assignments.


The sign up process consists of two sign up sites.

The first is the ham site where we obtain/update your information and equipment.

The second step is to sign up with the Marine Corp Marathon web site:

You must sign up on both sites.


Howard Cunningham