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Silent Key Memorial
My Chair is sitting empty,
My call’s no longer heard
My radio rests quietly.
From it comes no words.
On my shack door is a message.
That reads “From Me to Thee”
My frequency’s much higher now.
I’ve become a Silent Key.

Author: Judy Hudson, KC9CCJ

Silent Key by Unknown

I didn’t hear a call last night
Little steps through the dial
Until just before light
I finally gave up after awhile

A familiar voice of a friend
The camaraderie that had grown
Hours of conversation with someone
Their face I have never known

After a week
With no signal found
Without a peep
Without a sound

A message finally
On email from a friend
Finally brought the reality
Of this home to me again

My faceless friend
Had passed away
That gentle voice
He became a silent key that day

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